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The Role of Abundance

May 8, 2013

The Role of Abundance
Faced with “The digitisation of content combined with a global network for delivery and an open system for sharing” and its consequence – an abundance of content, Martin Weller poses the question for educators, “…how can they best take advantage of abundance in their own teaching practice”.
It is true that there is an abundance of content out there, but much of it is of little worth – a superfluity of garbage, but searching for the best, or even the most suitable content is far from easy . . . with the best of search engines the task is still daunting . . . a busy High School teacher does not have the time to sort out the good from the bad.
Weller uses the bland description “educators”, and this seems to suggest that he is ignorant of the profession of school teaching . . . maybe it’s time he left his ‘ivory tower’ and experienced the ‘real’ world of education in the schools of today (Higher Education represents such a small proportion of the total education scenario). The role of the “pedagogue” involves much more than ‘filling empty vessels with knowledge’ from a vast worldwide storehouse.
One of the roles of a High School teacher is to prepare pupils for next exam (in UK it will be GCSE) and so the examination syllabus will dictate the subject content and may well prescribe the text book to be used. This is the situation faced by most teachers and so a ‘pedagogy of abundance’ is largely irrelevant.


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