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From Ur to Shechem

April 4, 2013

The course I envisaged is for teachers of religious education using digital skills. The five week course is designed to teach the use of OER repositories and learn of the origins of the Jewish nation and their religion – they are intertwined.

The five topics are:-

Week 1: Early life in Ur. The life style of the family of Abram (and other ordinary people living in that important city about 2,200 years BC. None of the repositories provided the essential information readily and most either did not have the information or had some in an obscure location that was difficult to find. Using Google was much simpler and a source of much of the information needed. But a much better source was the Bible itself and there are a number of free online versions readily available e.g.

Week 2: The call of Abram: The OER repositories listed were of no help whatsoever.

Week 3: Re-locating to Haran: Again these OER repositories were of little value with information about the development of Haran as the major trading city in the region.

Week 4: Abram leaving home: I could not find any reference to this in those repositories.

Week 5: The journey to Shechem: Either there was nothing in those repositories or it was too difficult to find.

So, either I changed my target course or persisted in using Google or a modern version of the Bible.


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