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March 20, 2013

My name is Stephen and I’m too old to be enrolling for a course like this but I’m still interested in education and curious about openess.
Way back in 1978 while I was teaching in a High School graduated with the OU in Education (I’ve forgotten the Course Title).
My immediate reaction to these first papers was’wow’ can I cope with the hands-on knowledge of social networking required . . . blogs, Facebook, twitter, etc.
I also question the centricity of “creativity” demanded by Weller in an understanding of openess in eduction.
Having been educated in, and then taught in a High School with its conventional pedagical style, i.e. teacher (expert – master of the subject complete with chalkboard) and taught, I’m intrigued with the concept of shared knowledge.
The economic benefits are indisputable but will our educators, our professors, our course leaders want to leave their ivory towers?
The value of OERs likewise is indisputable but I wonder how readily such resources will become (apart from Google) and even Google has its problems with selectivity when I want the one appropriate resource out of the 5,000.000 offerings.
however, I must stop this and get thinking ‘creatively’ about presentation.


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  1. Hi Stephen… too old? I think we are never too old for wanting to learn more! I’m glad you decided to start this course as well as I feel we could benefit from someone with a long experience in education! 🙂

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